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Wizelines Map of the Generative AI Landscape

Generative AI Landscape: Current and Emerging Trends This new category is called “Generative AI,” meaning the machine is generating something new rather than analyzing something that already exists. There are many challenges that lie ahead for Gen-AI, including improving the quality and diversity of the outputs produced by these models, increasing the speed at which […]

Passport to the Future: Digital Transformation in the Travel Industry

Why Chatbots are Driving the Future of Taxi Booking? KAYAK Chatbot user stats are based on searches on all KAYAK Facebook Messenger Bots and KAYAK Skill for Alexa between June 2016 till April 2017. Mobile Traveller Profiles and resulting Traveller Personas are based on flight and hotel searches and clicks made on for travel […]

How Natural Language Processing is Improving Chatbots

Natural Language Processing RE AI & Deep Learning News In this thesis we investigate current and past methods in this research area and place particular emphasis on Construction Grammar and its computational implementation. Our research shows that users have strong emotive reactions to how these systems behave, so we also investigate the human computer interaction […]

Recent Developments Related to Generative AI and Copyright Law

Generative AI Copyright Concerns & 3 Best Practices in 2023 Organizations that manufacture generative AI tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT train those tools on open source code, some of which is under strong copyleft licenses like GPL or AGPL. This has sparked some debate about whether generative AI output should be considered a derivative […]

AI and Accountancy: Is the rise of artificial intelligence cause for concern or optimism?

How artificial intelligence will impact accounting Strong data security measures, such as encryption, and access limits, should be put in place to ease these worries and safeguard your data. Also, make sure your AI models are trained using just the essential and pertinent benefits of artificial intelligence in accounting data and that you have processes […]